When it comes to natural resource management and planning, RTEC is your committed partner. Whether you are a government agency or an environment specialist, our superior environmental experts and unparalleled commitment will provide you with the most suitable technically-sound solutions.

Expert Environmental Services

We understand the resource challenges, complex ecosystems and regulatory norms that are essential for the success of every environmental project.

We are a single-source solution providing an array of environmental services such as designing and building solutions, waste management, environmental consulting, complete ground care and much more to help you maintain government facilities. The federal, local and state agencies can benefit from the following services:

We offer reliable stormwater management solutions with meticulous planning and maintenance. Using bio-retention basins, we can help improve the quality of nearby water resources and reduce demands on the public stormwater drainage system. Our experts with thorough knowledge of stormwater regulations conduct detailed inspections and reports.

Then, we help you design and install a system that suits your requirements. Our experts can guide you about the different types of systems and help you throughout the design-build process. All stormwater tanks require regular maintenance to ensure superior performance. Our team performs routine checkups and maintenance functions, including invasive species removal, biomass removal, vegetation management and minor repairs to keep the systems working at their best.

Whether it’s a government building, local institution or a public place, a well-designed landscape is necessary to help people connect with their environment. We use a holistic approach to design your landscape architecture in a way that integrates biology, ecology and natural resource management.

Our uniquely positioned team provides expertise in managing the entire architecture and designing project from its initial planning phase to the final execution. We work on properties of all types and sizes, ranging from municipal use land and parks to commercial institutions and courtyard gardens.

Maintaining and preserving ecosystems such as wetlands, streams and forests, provide essential wildlife habitats and water quality services like sediment control and stormwater mitigation. Our environment restoration services include reforestation, environmental remediation, wetlands mitigation and stream restoration.

We develop comprehensive restoration plans, assess natural resources and perform long-term monitoring and maintenance to preserve the ecosystems and other natural areas. Our ecological restoration programs help many institutions and agencies abide by their moral obligations and regulatory compliance.

We understand how crucial it is to keep your water usage and costs in check while ensuring adequate water supply to your green landscapes and grounds. Our skilled experts can determine your need for a new irrigation system installation, system recalibration or hardware replacement.

Our customized services offer cost-efficient solutions for our clients and keep their properties green and attractive all year round. We work meticulously to provide a fitting irrigation system that suits the unique landscape of your federal properties and keeps your trees, shrubs and turf fresh and vibrant.

Trust RTEC for Environmental Services

Our combined expertise in environmental protection and plant care makes us a trusted environmental service company. For your local, state or federal environment solutions, book an online appointment today or call us at 703.573.3029 to know more about our services.