Book A Virtual Appointment With A Certified Arborist

FAQ For Booking An Appointment

What Kind Of Appointment Am I Booking?

You are booking a virtual meeting with a Certified Arborist. During the virtual meeting, the Arborist will video chat with you to discuss the tree work you would like done. You will need a working webcam so you can “show” the Arborist around your property!

Will This Appointment Cost Me Anything?

No, the virtual meeting is free of charge. All we ask for in return is an honest answer at the end of the meeting on whether you’d like to work with us!

Will I Be Meeting With A Certified Arborist?

Yes, every Arborist employed by RTEC Treecare is Certified by the International Society of Arborists (ISA). You can rest assured that the person you will be meeting with virtually is an ISA Certified Arborist.

Will The Arborist Show Up At The Time I Booked? Or Is There A Window Of Time?

Our virtual meetings occur at the time you booked your appointment. There is no “window” or waiting around for a call when you book with RTEC Treecare. If unforeseen circumstances arise, the Arborist will contact you promptly to notify you.

How does a Virtual Appointment work?

If you use Apple devices, we can set up a FaceTime call. If you have another portable device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), we can use Microsoft Teams to video chat. All you’ll need is a working webcam and an Internet connection and we’ll take care of the rest!