Health Care

Canopy Protection Program

Guarantee the health and beauty of the ornamental plants on your property; protect them from insects, disease, harsh weather conditions, over- or under-watering, soil compaction, and other stressors.

Our Canopy Protection Program was designed by our certified arborists and tree service experts to provide the best ongoing, proactive, expert care for your trees and shrubs. They will be on hand for regular inspections to spot problems before they can cause greater damage. You can get started today by approving your Canopy Protection Program proposal! It only takes a few minutes to sign up for your annual program. [link to sign up]

Once you’ve put your plant health care needs in our hands, you can relax. If any issues arise, we will spot them and either take care of them on the spot or schedule additional service.

The basic plan includes:

  • A minimum of seven plant health care inspection visits for all  trees and shrubs; and
  • Two Bio-Stimulant visits for all woody ornamental trees and shrubs 16’ height and below
  • 35% discount on all intensive treatments within the plan including:

EAB injections | Tree Growth Regulators | Intensive fungicide programs | Aphid/honeydew control | Borer treatment plans for mature trees | Bio-Stimulants for mature trees | Winter Protection Program

Bio Stimulants

This all-natural alternative to fertilizer–like a multivitamin for your trees—is recommended twice a year for any tree or woody shrub. It can armor the plant, leaving it more resistant to disease, pests, or challenging weather conditions. You can expect no danger of overuse as is the case with ordinary fertilizers.

If you only get one plant health care service from RTEC Treecare, this is the one to get! We recommend this service to anyone who has trees and shrubs on their property, as it’s the single best thing you can do for your plants.

Safe ShieldTM Organic Mosquito & Tick Control Program

(where available)

Just when you’re ready to enjoy your yard, mosquitos can send you running indoors. Our Safe ShieldTM Program makes available a blend of 100% organic oils that can kill mosquitos, fleas, and ticks without  harming  kids, pets, wildlife, and beneficial insects.

The program runs from Spring to Fall with applications every 3 – 4 weeks. It can be used in conjunction with Safe Shield™ Aquatic Protection where there is standing water.

Growth Regulators

We strengthen trees and shrubs with two types of treatments:

Tree growth regulators are injected directly into the cambium of mature trees. These hormones regulate the tree’s growth and development preventing tip elongation. This is a huge perk for homeowners, who won’t have to prune their trees as often. It’s also beneficial when a tree is in a tight environment, when it grew larger than developers planned for, or when it encroaches on a neighbor’s property, on other trees, or on power lines. It can preserve a stressed tree, boost the root system and the overall health, prevent too-rapid growth, and ensure that the foliage is vibrant, green, and healthy.

Shrub growth regulators are sprayed directly onto the foliage. Two treatments a year prevent too-rapid growth and yield healthier, more beautiful foliage. It reduces the need for excessive re-shaping and overshearing which weakens shrubs over time.

Winter Protection

Winter Protection Spray is a foliar treatment done on broadleaf evergreens like boxwoods, rhododendrons, or hollies. These plants stay green all year round, which leaves them susceptible to winter burn. Low soil moisture, freezing temperatures, blowing wind, and salt treatments can render the leaves red or brown or yellow. This service protects leaves from losing moisture in the harsh winter months.

Root Care

Yellowing leaves, early color change or leaf drop, poor growth—these are indicators  that something is wrong with your tree or shrub. If the problem is not obvious, RTEC specialists run a diagnostic. A root collar excavation involves removing dirt from around the trunk to inspect the root system. Root decay or damage, a girdling root, poor planting practices, or heavily compacted soil can be the problem.

These issues can be remediated through the following services:

Certain types of soil—those with high-clay and high-moisture content—or soil that has been damaged by heavy equipment can become compacted. We practice soil aeration and vertical mulching to create a healthier environment for the roots to grow.

Vertical Mulching goes hand-in-hand with bio-stimulants for stressed out trees that need a boost. Our specialists puncture the critical root zone and fill the spaces with organic matter. This brings fresh nutrients to be absorbed by the roots.

Ring Mulching involves applying a thin layer of double-shredded hardwood mulch around the base of the tree. Good for any plant, it mimics nature’s ideal environment for the tree. This is not to be confused with the mulching many landscaping services provide in flower beds (link to our article about mulching do’s and don’ts here).

DEER Protection

Some clients experience deer browsing on their property. We apply a foliar spray to repel deer and we wrap less established trees to protect them from further damage from deer nibbling on tender branches and rubbing them branches with their new antlers.