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Azalea Bark Scale, Eriococcus azaleas, was discovered in 1881 and is a major yearly pest for Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Huckleberries. Although the pest usually does not kill the host tree, it causes ... Read More >

Our arborists are seeing a lot of soft scale on clients' properties this July. Because of the mild winter and wet spring, soft scale populations are higher than usual and are causing problems for many ... Read More >

If you’ve been noticing white patches on your trees and shrubs it could be a case of White Prunicola Scale (Pseudaulacaspis prunicola). White Prunicola Scale is an armored scale, thought to have ... Read More >

Lecanium scale is a group of common soft scale insects that feed on the sap from shade trees and woody ornamentals. If left uncontrolled, one or two major infestations can kill your ... Read More >

Tree Scale On Your Northern Va, Maryland, or DC Tree? If you have been noticing small little bumps on your trees and shrubs branches and stems you might have a tree scale infestation. Our ... Read More >