Winters in the DC area have become colder and stormier in the past couple of years. It has gotten to the point where the harsh winters have taken a toll on trees and shrubs.  Because of this, intervention is necessary to keep our landscapes thriving.

About RTEC’s Winter Protection Program:

  • Combats the stress put on trees and shrubs (especially evergreens) during the harsh winter season. The program
  • Includes a combination of Bio-Stimulant, Tree Growth Regulator, and Anti-Desiccant applications applied throughout the fall and winter season (combinations vary by tree species and landscape needs) .
  • Includes monitoring visits to determine the needs of the property.

Without A Winter Protection Program Homeowners can expect to see the winter stress symptoms listed below:

Canopy Decline

Canopy dieback

Salt Damage On Evergreen Shrubs

Salt damage



snow broken branches

Broken limbs

Tree Fell On House

Falling trees



wind burn



Bark discoloration

Japanese Beetle

Insect infestations & diseases

RTEC’s Winter Protection Program combats the winter stress symptoms above as well as providing the added benefits listed below. winter damage

  • Prune Less Often
  • Improve resistance to environmental stress such as extreme temperatures, poor soil, drought, & flooding.
  • Keep trees from encroaching on structures & power lines
  • Lower maintenance costs: reduce related pruning, watering, and fertilizer costs.
  • Enhance root and foliage development
  • Improve tree’s ability to recover from disease & insect damage
  • Decrease tree’s susceptibility  to diseases & insects



Pricing depends on the volume of trees/shrubs, species susceptibility to winter stress, and the history of winter health issues on your property. Schedule a consultation with a certified arborist to find out what your customized winter protection program would look like.